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With support from the Worcester State University Foundation, the Central Massachusetts Health Literacy Project is able to award a $200 grant to each of the following health literacy projects. Congratulations to all award recipients!

1. "Medical Radiation - What You Should Know" by Mary Moynihan, RN, Department of Nursing, Worcester State University     

2. "Refugees in Charge of Eating (RICE) - Burmese Refugees in Worcester" by Patricia Moran, RN, Mary Kalmonovitch, RN, Jennifer Hall, RN, Bahati Geliga, RN, Virginia Combs, RN, Department of Nursing, Worcester State University     

      Collaborator: Worcester Refugee Assistance Project (WRAP) 

3. "Consumer Product Literacy Project" by Lisa Chan, RN, Department of Nursing, Worcester State University 

4. "Community-Based Care Transitions Program"  by Marlene Goodale, RN, Bet Key Wong, RN, Amy Keenan, RN, Pat Schmohl, RN, Bahati Geliga, RN, Department of Nursing, Worcester State University     

       Collaborator: Elder Services of Worcester

The Central Mass Health Literacy Project, in collaboration with the Worcester State University Department of Nursing and Elder Services of Worcester, will be providing two half day health care training sessions for transition care coaches on

     June 19 and June 20, 2012
     8:30 am to 12:30 pm
     Worcester State University
     Ghosh Science and Technology Building - Room ST 217
     486 Chandler St.
     Worcester, MA

      Click here to register.

       For more information, contact Bet Wong at bwong@worcester.edu.